Welcome to Founders & Coders

March 25, 2014

This course is a development of “Coding the Web”, a six-week course that ran earlier in the year, which in turn grew out of the Self-organising study groups that ran throughout 2013. Like Coding the web and like the study groups, we are going to be basing this course around online content.

But Founders & Coders is not just about offering a space for you to use materials that are already freely available online. We will be creating a structured learning environment with seminars and code reviews every day, with tutorial support, and with a lot of additional content. We will also spend a lot of time working in small groups and programming in pairs.

Like spoken languages, programming languages are best learnt by immersing yourself in them and then continuing to practice them regulary. You can learn to express yourself quite quickly, but idioms take years to master. With that in mind, we are committed to helping you develop your skills after the end of the course. We are lining up projects for you to work on, we are talking to employers to whom you can apply for internships, and we will continue to make a space available for you to study and develop your own projects after the course ends.

Dan Sofer
Course Director